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We work with public and private decision makers in accelerators, support organizations, governments, and others at the local level to build consensus and drive change. Every partner provides valuable insights and relationships with startups. Our Members take the lead in representing and developing their startup ecosystems and, through our network, benchmark their region and share lessons with each other. Learn more about our members and partners below.

Our Global Partners

We’re building the world’s largest body of knowledge on the global startup ecosystem. To do this, we work closely with partners including CrunchBase, the Global Entrepreneurship Network (GEN), Orb Intelligence, and over 300 other organizations in nearly 30 countries.

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Startup ecosystems thrive on collaboration and sharing, and so does our work to help improve the performance of ecosystems. Fueled by primary research with 10,000+ startups annually, we support local ecosystem leaders building consensus for action on key challenges. Join us in expanding our collective expertise.

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